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Surf and Hydrofoils

Airush Compact Kite Surf board 5'5"


Airush Compact Kite Surf board - Now 50% off.... Yes HALF PRICE! Vital statistics - 5'5" x 18.5"x 23 1/16" designer Clinton Filen The blurb; THE ICON OF VERSATILE PERFORMANCE At 5 inches shorter than your regular board, the Compact fits into every section of the wave imaginable and at the same time has...

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Airush Core Alloy foil Hydrofoil Wing


Hydrofoiling with a kite has become fasionable again, we saw it emerge in te nineteys with Rush Randle and Laird Hamilton kitesurfing with foils and using them in big waves. The technology has improved and now foiling is becoming accessible for everyone. Airush core foil. Beginner to advanced performance...

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Airush Slayer V3 kite surf board


Airush Slayer V3 This board has our attention! The nose and tail are almost symmetrical, giving this board massive freestyle potential. It is wide enough to perform in light wind, added to which it is massively reduced in price! Win win! Airush say - Livelylightwind performance Airush Slayer V3 2015...

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Crazyfly Hydrofoil Foil Options


Crazyfly Hydrofoils Prepreg autoclave Construction - whatever that means Carbon and beautiful. There are 2 models of board and 2 models of foil, see the options. The CF F-Lite and Chill are the two boards. The F-Lite is the 115x44 small deck option, aimed at the experienced or advanced foiler. The Chill...

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Crazyfly strike Surf board


The Strike delivers maximum performance in small to medium surf and works great for strapless freestyle tricks. It features a cut off nose shape for powered snappy turning and straighter outline for more control in the chop. This outline allows the Strike to have as much volume as regular surfboard shapes,...

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F-One Foilboard Kitefoil


The F-ONE BAMBOO foilboards are shaped specifically for foiling. An evolution from our previous designs, they focus on ease of use and versatility. - Stable and easy to use - Equipped with track system - Proven Bamboo construction Their dimensions and volume make these boards very stable and easy to...

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F-One Foilboard Kitefoil 51 TS


The F-ONE 51 TS foil board is a unique model blending the great qualities and resilience of a tough topsheet construction with the ease of use and performance of all F-ONE foilboards. - Easy shape with great stability - Bullet proof construction - Slim design for easy waterstarts Built around an injected...

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F-One Mitu Monteiro Carbon Series


Ultra light weight! - Outstanding ROCKER, insane maneuverability and control - Amazing feeling and versatility while riding!!! - HD FOAM FLEX COMPOSITE - Nose channel - Front pad kick FINS BOX LAYOUT FUTURES Box x 3 RECOMMENDED FIN SET F-ONE FLOW XS THRUSTER SET EQUIPPED WITH FULL PAD Size 5'4'' 5'6''...

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Mitu Monteiro Surf Essential series ESL


Mitu Monteiro Essential Series Kite surf board Outstanding ROCKER, insane maneuverability and control - Amazing feeling and versatility while riding!!! - BAMBOO SANDWICH TECHNOLOGY - DOUBLE BAMBOO DECK - Nose channel EQUIPMENT Box FUTURES Tail Pads RECOMMENDED FIN SET FUTURES Fins F4 437 F-ONE FLOW ...

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Shinn P Foil


Sometimes you just dont know what you need until you try it. Everybody loves the feeling of achievement and success, its not so much about reaching the summit of the mountain but making the small steps needed along the way. When asking riders about their reluctance to foil the answer is always the same...

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