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Kite Buggy Course
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Kite Buggy Lesson

    Kite buggying involves using a kite on lines to propel you along the sand on a 3 wheeled buggy. You control the kite with your arms and steer with your feet!
 Kite buggying is easy to learn and you can see some real results by the end of the lesson. A large proportion of people can continue by themselves after our 2-3 hour course.

  The buggies can be disassembled and the kites pack down very small, you can get a kite buggy and a few kites in a normal sized car boot.

Kite Buggy Course Details

  First of all you will learn how to set up and fly your power kite, you will learn about the wind and where to put the kite to generate the pull needed to propel you along.  Then its on to the buggy for some serious fun!!! You will learn how to steer, pick up speed, slow down and turn.
  Kite buggying is quick to learn and it will also really help if you want to progress to kitesurfing or other kite sport activities.

Bigger parties, hen and stag groups welcome. We even have added Segways for larger groups!

Kite buggy riding is also great for team building exercises, both for corporate and family groups.

See the pictures below of some of our kite buggy experiences and lessons. We also have an inland location that we can use if the beach gets too busy during the summer.
2.5- 3 hour
£60 Per person

Private 2:1 lessons also available, please contact us for details

Once you have reached a competent level you can HIRE kite buggy equipment


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Mr Tre & Mr G
- 03/11/2014
5 product stars

Me and my mate went to the seaside. There were no donkey rides. There was no ice cream. There were no amusements. There was only us, Mr A the instructor, and a kite buggy. We made the best of it. Superb weather in early October with bright sun, a steady on-shore breeze and off we went. Great instruction on how to handle a kite, if you've had a stunt kite at any time you'll know what I'm talking about, very simple in principle but with a lot more pull on this one. After more or less getting to grips with this we were quickly sat in the three wheel buggy, steering with your feet, moving slowly and crashing the kite. Change up to a bigger kite and now we're getting it, loads more energy coming down the lines from the kite, easier to steer and more speed. We even got a few turns right and were soon moving up and down the perfect sand at Camber grinning like the muppets we are. Great day out, great instruction (thanks again Anthony) and I'm buying a kite buggy. Or do I try kite surfing next?

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