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Spare Parts and Safety Gear

Airush Fin Set Wake and Metro Fins


Airush Fin Sets. Super good value fins from Airush. 4 fins plus screws (full set). Very tough injection moulded fins. Come with screws Also come with the top 'bridges' to help protect the top of the board. Standard hole spacing of 1 1/2 -38mm inches between centres Universal fitment, they should fit...

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Airush High Velocity Kite Pump XL


Airush XL high volume kite pump. Double action mode - pumps on the downstroke and upstroke Back saver mode - just pumps on downstroke The same as the WMFG pump Pressure guage Hose adapters Kite leash Massive volume, inflates your kite in no time. Big kite pump, approx 2 feet tall!

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Airush red line safety 1.2m


Airush Red safety line 1.2m spectra 3mm with elastic section. For low Y bars Fits analogue and smart bars, measure yours to see if it's compatible. Easy to change part, takes around 10 minutes. Handy item as the red line does eventually wear. Change it before it snaps, if you use your release the entire...

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CrazyFly depower line for Sick Bar


Replacement Depower Rope for Crazyfly Sick bar TYPE A, early type - Length from the end of rope to the plastic stopper ball is 148cm or 58" Type B - late type - length from end of rope to stopper ball is 70 cm or 27.5 inches. Replace your worn line with this new one. As picture shows it comes with webbing...

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CrazyFly Donkey Dick Stick


CrazyFly replacement donkey dick Sometimes called the donkey stick, chicken leg, chicken foot or chicken loop retainer, this goes on to your chicken loop and through your spreader bar to stop the chicken loop from falling off. Injection moulded crazyfly part New part but comes loose without tags or packaging...

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DaKine Donkey Dick chicken stick


DaKine donkey dick Will stop you from coming unhooked when you dont want to be! Universal - will fit most Bars Such a handy little thing! Also known as a donkey stick, chicken loop foot or chicken loop retainer. Your donkey dick stops your chicken loop from coming off your spreader bar unintentionally....

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VisiBall board visibility indicator


Introducing the VisiBall The VisiBall simply screws on to one of your handle inserts. Unlike similar products the VisiBall doesn't interfere with your grab handle. The VisiBall is light weight and has a titanium corrosion resistant thread. We use these on our school boards and rental boards.

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