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Kitesurfing Kites

We offer a free handover session with every Kite or Kitesurfing Package Sold. Please enquire for details.

Airush Diamond 2018


Airush Diamond 2018 The Diamond Kite features a refined profile and balanced configuration that appeals to a broad range of users, from performance freestyle and wave riding, and its still stable and user friendly enough for intermediate riders. The unique shape is light on the bar, with a short bar...

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Airush Lithium Progression 2018


2018 Airush Lithium Progression The Lithium progression takes over from the time tested Airush DNA for 2018. Aimed at the beginner who wants to progress through to jumps and tricks, the Lithium progression can do it all and is also one of the best value for money kites on the market. As per the DNA the...

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Airush Lithium Progression 2018 used kite sale


2018 Airush Lithium Progressions - Ex school kites. These kites have done less than 6 months, all kites are in very good to excellent condition with no repairs. Any inspection welcome. The Lithium progression takes over from the time tested Airush DNA for 2018. Aimed at the beginner who wants to progress...

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Airush Union 3 2018


Airush Union 3 2018 The all-new UNION III has been re-designed from the bottom up to improve key areas. The UNION III delivers even more lift and hangtime when going for Big Air, along with quicker and more responsive steering. The shape has been refined to sit slightly further forward in the window...

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CrazyFly Dual action kite pump


Crazyfly Double action pump New design for 2017 Pressure release bung to save your back when you are pumping up the kite hard When the bung is released the pump only pumps on the down stroke This really helps back pan through the awkward pumping position Most leading brands are supplying these pumps...

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Crazyfly Hyper 2019


New for 2019 - the Crazyfly Hyper. Crazyfly have been producing some awesome kites in their European factory over the last few years. However something was missing in the product range. Think boosting, hangtime. This is Crazyfly's answer to the Ozone edge, the Core XR5 and other high aspect boost machines...

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Crazyfly Sculp 2017 9m Package deal FREE board


The 2017 CrazyFly Sculp is a versatile all-around performer, suitable for a wide range of riders and styles. It delivers consistency in all riding disciplines and offers incredible wind range and ease of use. See board options, with complete packages (kite and bar) there is a FREE Allround board option!!...

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Crazyfly Sculp 2018


Crazyfly Sculp 2018 - Anything you want. Crazyfly have taken all the best bits from the 2017 Sculp and made it better. Triplex triple ripstop fabric Improved bridal Improved bar with anti twist leash (option) Vivid colour schemes, get noticed on the water! One kite for everything design, good for beginners...

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Crazyfly Sculp 2019


Crazyfly Sculp 2019 Back once again this well rounded user friendly kite that covers all kitesurfing disciplines. Having ridden the Sculp for the last 4 years there have been notable improvements in performance and build quality. The 2019 sees the most polished kite to date, made with the finest materials...

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Crazyfly Tango 2018


Crazyfly Tango 2018 The tango is more suited to freeride and wave riders. Bridalled c-shape great pop characteristics Triplex ripstop - the best kite fabric available Great kite for unhooking and wake style Improved shape and bridal over the 2017 model Free pump with Kite + Bar package

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F-One Bandit 2018


The F-One Bandit needs no introduction, this all round performer is happy in the waves, for freestyle and for big air (as proven in Red Bull King of the Air). Starting from a blank sheet of paper is what you do when you have nothing worth keeping! The Bandit is a benchmark from which others follow, for...

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F-One Furtive V1 Kite


F-One Furtive Boosting - Race - Foil Hang Time: it launches you really high and keeps you up there for long thanks to its lift - Optimized upwind speed/angle compromise with an unbelievable traction towards the edge of the window - Unparalleled dynamic stability in flight with accurate bar information...

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F-One WTF V1 win the freestyle


WTF is going on here then!? The WTF is a brand new kite for 2018; its a no compromise freestyle machine designed for winners; its even in the name: Win The Freestyle! Features Pure C Shape freestyle design 5th Line Set Up 5 Struts Design Excellent Pop/ Slack/ Support Ultimate control The WTF!? is a brand...

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Kitesurfing Hire Club Annual Membership


It can be more convenient for some people to hire rather than own kitesurfing equipment. Here are the benefits and features of our hire club; Come down whenever you want and use our equipment, this includes kites and control gear wetsuits and harnesses twin tips, surf boards and wakeskates kite buggy...

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Ozone C4 V6



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Ozone Catalyst V1


Ozone Catalyst V1 2016 Fun, easy and intuitive to fly Large wind range with progressive de-power Simple and quick re-launch The kite of choice for entry level to intermediate riders Fast progression to take your riding to the next level Front Line Flag Out stops all power in the kite 4-line pulley-less...

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Ozone Edge V9 Kitesurfing kite


Action packed free ride, boosting to the moon, air style, speed, hydrofoil or twin tip racing - The EDGE V9 delivers high performance that is incredibly addictive. The Edge has a unique pedigree, well known to pack a serious punch! The latest version takes it to the next level - an explosive high adrenaline...

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Peter Lynn Swell


SWELL SIZES 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10 / 12m With the Swell we wanted to make a wave and freeride kite that excels in all conditions, good or bad. The result is more than a wave specific kite with great low end power and great upwind drive. Its well-balanced 3 strut design and responsive handling also...

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