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Used Equipment

Airush DNA 10m 2017 kitesurfing kite


2017 Airush DNA kitesurfing kites. Perfect condition apart from the 10m that has a tiny patch on the canopy. This is the 2017 Airush DNA model. kite and bag only, contact us if you need a bar and lines. The DNA is a great kite, that's why we use them in our BKSA approved kitesurfing school. Excellent...

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Airush Lithium Progression 2018 used kite sale


2018 Airush Lithium Progressions - Ex school kites. These kites have done less than 6 months, all kites are in very good to excellent condition with no repairs. Any inspection welcome. The Lithium progression takes over from the time tested Airush DNA for 2018. Aimed at the beginner who wants to progress...

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Airush Progression Kitesurfing Control bar 2017 USED


2017 Airush progression Control Bar USED (very little use) Excellent control bar Airush Analogue bar and lines with leash Very easy to use and is compatible with almost any LEI with very little modification Very simple for beginners, if you have the bar round the wrong way it has WRONG WAY printed on...

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Best Kahoona 5.5m Kitesurfing Kite green


Best 5,5m Kahoona Best kahoona 5.5 m kitesurfing kite. exceptional condition with very little use. Great way to get in to kitesurfing. Perfect for the smaller rider or high winds. Very good condition welcome to view. Kite and bag only.

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Best Waroo 13m Kitesurfing kite cheap for beginners


Used kitesurfing equipment from Camber Kitesurfing. Here we have a 13m best waroo in good useable condition. These would suit a beginner that doesn't want to spend too much, but wants all the features of a modern SLE kitesurfing kite. The Best Waroo is a favourite freeride kite for alot of people, we...

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Crazyfly Sculp 2018 8m Kite


Crazyfly Sculp 2018 8m kite with bag. Very good condition with no repairs. Awesome allround kite that does everything from boosting to unhooked tricks (in the right hands obviously!). Seldom crashed or even got wet. Welcome to try in Camber Sands. Triple ripstop canopy and the finest built construction...

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Crazyfly Sculp 3m kite with bar 2012 NEW


Crazyfly Sculp 3m kite Brand new, kite and bag only Single point inflation Great for kids or use for adults as a trainer kite. 2012 model Pictures show a used kite, it is exactly the same but unopened and unused.

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Crazyfly Tango 9m used


Crazyfly Tango 9m Kitesurfing Kite Used Kite and bag only Bag is a Best bag The tango is the wake and wave choice. Some staining on the canopy Generally in very fair condition. Welcome to demo it in Camber.

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RRD Obsession 12m Kitesurfing Kite used


RRD obsession kitesurfing kite in good working order. There is a bit of staining on the canopy and there is one rather ugly repair (see pictures) Aside from this it inflates and flies as it should. Single point inflation. 2012-2013 kite Cheap 12m kite with all the characteristics of a brand new kite....

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Slingshot Fuel 6m 2012 USED


The Slingshot Fuel needs little introduction. Pioneers of the one pump system and bombproof construction make the Fuel the C kite of choice. This is the type of kite that Ruben Lenten did his most radical kite loops on. This is the type of kite that Lewis Crathern used to jump over Worthing Pier. The...

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Underground FLX Kiteboard used


Underground FLX 125 used kiteboard. May suit a smaller rider, or just one that likes small boards! Small boards feel light on your feet for more expression of movement, they are also more nimble and you can really load up for big air. Disadvantages are that they generally take a bit more power to get...

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Used Flysurfer Pulse 7m with bar


Flysurfer Pulse 7m with bar Popular kites for light wind, foil and land boarding. Whether you are in to mountain boarding or kitesurfing the pulse is a good kite for the foil faithful. A review; My first sessions on the Pulse inspired alot of confidence. It has such a huge sweet spot to ride in. It relaunches...

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